10 active transportation ideas for the next Councilmember in District 5

By narrowing the lanes, we can maintain the same car capacity while physically protecting the bike lanes.
A possible configuration in Westwood Village. This would make it feel like a “Main St” and revitalize businesses.
A photo of Century Park East — the street is normally this empty.
Uplift Melrose still enjoys wide support — let’s take advantage of that support and get it done.
A rendering of Venice Blvd with the Mobility Plan’s protected bike lanes and dedicated bus lanes.
A rendering of San Vicente through Carthay Circle with protected bike lanes, street parking, and 2 vehicle traffic lanes in each direction.



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Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider


Tali, Mika & Sofi’s dad, Katerina's husband, LA native. Founder, Service. Founder, Streets For All. Board Member, Mid City West Neighborhood Council.