Attaching a Woom to the Load 75

Michael Schneider
3 min readJul 23, 2023


As my 7 year old’s legs get longer, she’s increasingly cramped in the Riese & Muller Load 75’s box and the resulting fights with her sisters have sometimes gotten out of control.

The FollowMe Tandem — it connects your bike and the front wheel of your kid’s bike to create one long bike.

I started searching for a solution, and came across this ingenious product called a FollowMe Tandem by Trucavelo, a Canadian based distributor of this Swiss made product.

I contacted them beforehand to make sure this was compatible with a Load 75, the ‘SUV’ of electric cargo bikes that I use to take my 3 kids around, including to/from LAX. They thought so, but weren’t sure — no one had ever tried this!

The first challenge I faced — their quick release didn’t sit flush with the Load 75’s snubber.

When it arrived, I tried installing it, but immediately ran into issues. The first issue was that the snubber didn’t fit flush with the FollowMe’s quick release. I wound up using a washer in the gap, and got it flush.

The second issue was that their standard skewer was too short for the Load 75 — so I ordered a Quick release skewer XL. Those two modifications successfully got the thing mounted on the Load75.

The wheel stubs that don’t work for a Woom bike, despite what their website says.

My daughter’s Woom 4 was another thing. On Trucavelo’s website, they state that you need Wheel stubs for hollow front up with M6 thread for Woom bikes — so that’s what I ordered. However, the Woom 4’s thread is M5, and so these stubs don’t actually work.

The skewer that does work for Woom bikes.

After doing more research, I realized what I actually needed was their quick release skewer — this did the trick. To their credit — they refunded me for the M6 stubs I didn’t need, and were very responsive with their support.

There was one more issue — I have a Burley hitch on the Load75, and the frame of the FollowMe Tandem comes very close to it, making it hard to latch the pin when using a trailer. However, this was an easy solve, all you have to do is flip the pin over, and put it in upside down, securing it from the top instead of the bottom.

My daughter on her Woom 4 attached to my Load 75.

The result — I am now able to ride with Tali safely attached to my bike! She has the option to pedal (or not), to bike when she feels like it, and/or to use her bike at whatever destination we arrive at. Can’t wait to take this on longer rides. Truly a brilliant product!



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