LA could build a city-wide network of protected bike lanes in a week — if it wanted to.

All of this effort was to turn a single parking space into a bike/scooter corral!

To this day — nearly two years after we initially asked for it — we are still waiting for this single bike/scooter corral.

Mid City West’s “PARKing Day” in 2019 — a one day city-wide yearly event to transform parking spaces into other uses. This one was in front of Toasted and Roasted on Melrose.

If the city could do this with one block overnight, it means — if we wanted to — we could have a network of protected bike lanes across the entire city within weeks.

This incident proved the city can move very quickly — and with very little red tape — when it wants to, and for reasons that are deemed sufficiently urgent and beneficial to our society at large. Why outdoor dining checks those boxes, but bus and bike lanes don’t, I’ll never understand.



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Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider


Tali, Mika & Sofi’s dad, Katerina's husband, LA native. Founder, Service. Founder, Streets For All. Board Member, Mid City West Neighborhood Council.