Why electric cars aren’t a panacea

If you solve how people get around cities, you solve climate change.

From one of my favorite books on urbanism — Happy City by Charles Montgomery.

I want to live in a city that’s more livable, peaceful, safe, and equitable.

there is no quick fix for climate change, and electric cars aren’t it.

The electric Hummer coming out from GM.

In short, electric cars — taking up just as much space as non-electric cars — do very little to make our cities safer or more livable, and the space they require makes it more difficult for cities to adopt modes that truly are very climate friendly, like bike and bus lanes.



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Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider


Tali, Mika & Sofi’s dad, Katerina's husband, LA native. Founder, Service. Founder, Streets For All. Board Member, Mid City West Neighborhood Council.