Yes, you can bike to LAX!

It felt like a superpower flying past gridlocked cars at rush hour — I felt like I had hacked my city — documented in my most popular tweet.

The first bike I used to get around LA — a vintage Schwinn given to me by my wife.
I didn’t know there was bike parking at LAX the first time, so I took a chance and locked it to a railing. Luckily it was there when I got back.
I finally found the bike parking in February 2018 — it’s at the entrance of Terminal 6 (I believe there are a few other spots too)… note I was the only bike at the time.
Here’s what the overall route looks like from my house to the airport. Other than the short stretches on Venice Bl, Centinela, and Sepulveda Bl, everything else is on the car-free bike path or calm residential streets.
The Bluff Creek Trail — at the end of it, you go on a path between two houses to access a quiet residential area of Westchester
My Burley Nomad trailer locked to my main bike lock, locked to the rack — untouched for a week while I was away.
The last time I biked to the airport — I even convinced my wife to try it with me! Her saddle bags had our “personal items” you’re allowed to carry on, my trailer had our carry on suitcase, and I also had a cold bag for food attached to my rack (my favorite is the Ibera PakRak ).



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Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider

Tali, Mika & Sofi’s dad, Katerina's husband, LA native. Founder, Service. Founder, Streets For All. Board Member, Mid City West Neighborhood Council.