Bike and bus lanes are good for people that drive!

Photo credit: TUM Initiative

Here are some things I wish people that fight against bike and bus lanes in Los Angeles knew:

Even if you can’t see yourself using a bike or taking a bus today, if both options were made safer and more efficient than private cars, you might consider it.

Image credit to Daniel Moser and Ellery Studio

While most people in Los Angeles might believe in climate change, it doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up their SUV to fight it.

Cheonggycheon, Seoul, South Korea. Photo credit:
Haarlemmerdijk, Amsterdam in 1900, 1971 & 2013. Photo credit: Amsterdam Archives & Thomas Schlijper.
Mariahilferstraße, Austria. Image credit: top by Douglas Sprott, bottom by Andreas Lindinger
Times Square, New York, before and after. Photo credit: NYC DOT, Michael Grimm
Many forget there used to be a highway through Downtown SF. It only came down because of an earthquake! Photo credit: D Magazine.



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